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Knowing our Ancestors

When people reach mid-life, and mortality is a recognized fact, it is often then that the spark ignites to investigate one's roots. This is particularly true for people in the USA and Canada who are of European decent. The interest in knowing who they really are becomes strong, in large part because their ancestors leaving Europe was often precipitated by troubles of one sort or another.

We used to chuckle when my mother-in-law would spend so much time investigating relatives back to the first pioneers, and sometimes earlier. Then my mother got into searching her roots when she was in her 70's! I suppose its part of leaving a heritage of verbal history passed onto the next generation -- a tradition from long ago.

As with many families, we have 4 major family branches to explore. These are:





We use Family Tree Maker to capture and track our relatives. Material shown on these pages has been extracted from that program.

As a matter of respect for the privacy of family members, we will present in these web pages only our grandparents and older, all of which are deceased. If you are doing genealogical research, then please contact us in order to understand details of more recent generations. You can us by e-mail by clicking on Don Middleton

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