Don's Camping Passion


The word is like music, especially when grass turns green, leaves pop out, and winter skies give way to blue.

In Vancouver, we are on the doorstep of the world’s best camping, both in BC and Washington state. The scenery is unparalleled. The opportunity to commune with nature, letting go the stresses of today's busy workplace, is offered to all that will grasp it.

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List of Non-Park Sanidumps

Useful Camping References in Washington State and British Columbia

Our Original Camper



A few years ago we purchased a truck and camper combination where the Slumber Queen 10 foot camper met every need that we could imagine for camping. The original truck was a Ford F250 (3/4 ton pickup) and the combo worked quite well.

The RV-queen bed in the cab-over area is spacious, with lots of headroom. This is important because in the past we had owned a motor home and the cab over was a problem causing claustrophobia. Not so with this unit!

The the bed is in-line with the camper making it stable even without the jacks being deployed, and the type where climbing over one’s partner to find the washroom at midnight is a think of the past.




This diagram of the 1995 Slumber Queen camper illustrates the layout showing that it good for up to 4 people, although only the 2 of us typically used it.

Everything is very handy, and the interior is very bright because of a skylight in the middle of the roof (between sinks and stove). The many windows also open making it easy to keep the camper cool in hot weather. Where we live in Vancouver, hot weather means 85 F (25 C).

We jokingly consider this our 3-star mobile motel.


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Last Updated: 2011 January 7

Whenever time permits, we like to get out and enjoy British Columbia and Washington with its wealth of provincial, state and forestry camp grounds. We’re more fair weather campers as not into venturing into the snow areas, but camping in the extended season will come in the near future as retirement beckons.

This is our new rig atop Crater Lake in Oregon. With a highly powered truck that could pull a far larger fifth wheel, we have no difficulties with the mountain roads of the Western USA and Canada.

For a couple, this size trailer has real merits as a rolling home or 3-star motel.

Our Next Fifth-wheel

Our Next Fifth-wheel

More by luck than good planning, we ended up changing our truck and fifth wheel in 2014. In both cases, they turned out to be recommendations from our diesel-mechanic son-in-low, and his RV tech friends.  We ended up with a 2001 Citation Supreme (26RKS) and a 2004 Dodge RAM 2500HD (diesel). While our Ford F350 could pull the fifth wheel, it was more happenstance that we found it and got it.